Pharmaceutical Returns Service - Comprehensive, Cost Effective and Conscientious

Hospital Service Plus

Hospital Service Plus is our specialized program that provides hospitals with all the service advantages they’ve been missing on returns — at their current GPO rates!

The program includes expedited order turn-around, efficient on or off-site processing programs, comprehensive reports, hassle-free credit reconciliation, flexible return rates, and individualized, personal service.

Choose from the following levels

Our core program, which serves as a the basis for all outdate returns. We recommend this program for a facility that wants to handle their outdates personally, as time and staffing allow.
14 day expedited processing
Net 30 day payment terms
18 month in-date management/storage
Our mid-level program adds on-site help and quicker turnaround. This is the program we recommend for a facility that wants an extra pair of hands on-site to help with part of the process.
Includes all the benefits of the Plus program
A trained Outdate Technician to inventory all controls
On-site immediate completion of the DEA 222 form
On-site immediate reporting of complete controlled inventory
On-site same-day boxing and labeling of expired inventory
Red-tagging of soon-to-expire drugs
10 day expedited processing
Net 60 day payment terms
24 month in-date management/storage
Our high-level program combines expedited service with comprehensive on-site assistance. We recommend this program for those who want everything handled for them—with virtually no staff involvement and in the quickest amount of time.
Includes all the benefits of the Plus and Premium programs
A trained Outdate Technician to not only inventory, but also pull all controls, box, label, and arrange for pickup
On-site immediate report generation of complete inventory
5-day expedited processing
Net 90 day payment terms
36 month in-date management/storage