Pharmaceutical Returns Service - Comprehensive, Cost Effective and Conscientious

Pharmacy Plus

A returns program designed around YOUR individual needs—not somebody else’s. The program includes efficient on or off-site processing programs in which you can select your level of involvement, thorough credit reconciliation, additional loyalty discounts throughout the year, individualized, personal service, and complete follow up & follow through.

Choose from the following levels

Basic Level
Box, ship and save with the premier level returns program.
Simple shipping – minutes to prepare
No itemization of legends necessary
FREE destruction of all haz/non-haz materials
Complete credit reconciliation
Our mid-level program provides on-site help where you need it. This is the program we recommend for a pharmacy that wants an extra pair of hands on-site to help with part of the process.
Includes all the benefits of the Basic Level program
A trained Outdate Technician to inventory all controls
On-site, computerized DEA Form 222
Immediate, on-site reporting of complete controlled inventory
On-site same-day boxing and labeling of expired inventory
Net 60 day payment terms
24 month in-date management/storage
Our high-level program provides comprehensive on-site assistance. We recommend this program for those who want everything handled for them—with no pharmacy staff involvement.
Includes all the benefits of the Basic and Mid-Level programs
A trained Outdate Technician to pull all your outdate pharmaceuticals. We'll also inventory all controls, box, label, and ship—same day
On-site inventory report of all outdated returns
Red-tagging of soon-to-expire drugs
Net 90 day payment terms
36 month in-date management/storage